Sunday, February 15, 2009
Did you receive any presents yesterday? Did you your time with your love ones~ I received a lot of present yesterday!!! Cherry and I have a candle light dinner too~

This is the present i bought for us~ couple rings!

This is the present that Cherry bought for me!!! I LOVE IT DAMN MUCH! This is the front of the jacket, this is branded jacket, Playez International.

This is the back of the jacket, I like the design on it.

I love this BRACELET!!! This is also another gifts from Cherry~
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Special Day

Friday, February 13, 2009
Everyone's special day is coming!!! What special day? It's VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Did you get any presents for your love one's? Or your wife~ I hope everyone can receive something special that day~~~ I waiting for mine too!!! I can't wait to see what is my valentine present!!! I wish everyone will have a great valentine's day~

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
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Merry Christmas!~

Thursday, December 25, 2008
Merry Christmas everyone~ Did you receive any presents from your family or your love ones? This is the 1st time I celebrate Christmas with Cherry~ Yesterday, I got my first salary~ I was so happy and I think I wanna bring Cherry to buy her Christmas present at Spring's MPH bookstore~ Her favorite story book, New Moon from Stefanie Meyer, BUT, It's out of stock! I had to send a late Christmas present to Cherry next year. Coming out from the bookstore, I walked into a small gift shop and bought a small present for my little brother since I never buy anything for him. When I search for the present that I wanted to buy for my little bro, Cherry also bought something cute, a Popobe Bear~ I thought she bought it for herself but it's for me! Before she gave me the bear, she give it to me without me noticing it's for me, that I said something very similar to what she planned, hang with the car key. After I passed her my keys and she immediately hang it on and said "MERRY CHRISTMAS!". I'm SO HAPPY!!! LOVE U MY BABY~ Thank you for the present~ muacksssss! Here some pictures of my Popobe Bear.

Here is my Popobe Bear~Love it very much!!! A little cute and cool~ Don't really understand the words on it's chest 'Too fast tolie, too roung todie', can anyone tell me what does that means?

The last things I want to say is, thank you my baby for the present and a Merry Christmas!
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Saturday, December 6, 2008
Finally! IT'S HOLIDAY! But it's a boring holiday for me, time past so slow this few days and I'm trying to find myself a part-time job. Cherry and I find a few jobs yesterday, on the way home, we saw this...

MY GOD! What a stupid sticker!!! They even stick a same sticker in front of their car's windscreen but bigger!!!

PS:Please don't do this on your car. People will laugh at you, for an example, ME.
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Gecko aka Cicak

Friday, November 7, 2008
Last week I heard something funny from Apple . She was working at a warranty department at her new working place. She received a LCD Monitor, and they tell her that it was damaged by a Gecko(In Malaysia we call it Cicak).

Here's a picture of the Gecko damaged the LCD monitor. Is there anything yummy inside of the LCD monitor?

All of the colleagues from that department can't believed that a Gecko can squeeze into the tiny hole at the back of the LCD monitor. Today, they heard a story from someone that have the same case and they said that Gecko can shrink itself to go into a very tiny hole. I read an article that tell Gecko can squeeze itself to go into a small hole. They said "Gecko's are great escape artist and can squeeze through the tiniest hole". Here is where is find this article which tell us that Gecko can squeeze into tiny holes. Apple will post the full version of the story soon since she is very busy lately.
PS: If you are using a LCD monitor, please cover the hole at the back of the it so that you won't have anything like this happen to you.
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Cherry's Birthday~

Saturday, October 25, 2008
Today, It's Cherry's birthday! Yesterday, Her friends and I helped Cherry celebrated her birthday earlier is because she will have a birthday dinner with her family today. A few weeks ago, her friends and I planned to give her a birthday surprised and hope it will give her a very memorable birthday this year. I lied to her that we are going to celebrated our 8th anniversary yesterday noon so that we can give her the surprised. So, we went to Boluevard's Pizza Hut, when we seated ourselves, her friends suddenly burst out in front of her, she was so touch and happy. The day before yesterday, I prepared her presents, I was very confused what to buy for her since I never bought clothes for girls before besides my mum. So I asked some opinion from my friend where to buy nice clothes and finally I bought a dress~

Is the dress nice? Please give comment for it.

Her friends and I also ordered a Cheese Cake~ Look her favorite bunny!Love-Chan! Is it cute~? I come out with the design.

we did not prepare for the lighter, we tried to borrow from pizza hut, but they don't have.

After the birthday song, She made a wish and she acted that there are candles and blew it. She don't really want to cut the cake since is her favorite bunny, Love-Chan~

Finally, the things I want to say is, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHERRY~ I hope you like your birthday this year, and the presents we prepared.
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Couple Cellphone

Saturday, October 11, 2008
OMG! I didn't blog since last months. I've been busy with my school assignments. Today, I wanna blog something about couple cellphone. Cherry and I have the same cellphone, same color too!

There are disadvantages about couple cellphone. I always take the wrong phone when our phone is mixed. Last month, I was holding our phones and I was putting in Cherry's phone into my pocket and I thought it was my phone. After that, I went home and I notice that I brought Cherry's phone with me. Cherry was so worried that she thought she lost her phone. I called Apple, when Apple saw the contact name and Apple was and said "Why you call me?" Cherry was so relieved that she didn't lost her phone.
The next is me, I left my phone at Cherry's house. When I wanted to leave her house, I look at her desk and saw my phone and again I thought that was not my phone. I noticed I didn't take my phone when I wanna take it out to call someone. Again, I scolded WTF. This is the disadvantages of couple cellphone to me. How about you? Do you think it's good or bad to have same cellphone?
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